MACUMB 2017 Madrid




There is no pre-arranged accommodation. Nevertheless, we recommend you a few places that are conveniently located, with accessible connections to the University and to/from the Airport.


Hotel Weare Chamartín
Located in the train station of Chamartín. Direct train to the University (two stops, 10 min.) and direct train to the T4 terminal in the Airport.


Hotel Regente
Located in Sol, right in the Center of the City of Madrid. For those who wish to enjoy the city. There is a direct train to the University (four stops, 20 min.).


Residencia de Estudiantes (CSIC)
Located close to Nuevos Ministerios. There is a 15 min. walk to a the train station in "Nuevos Ministerios" from which one can take a direct train to the University (three stops, 15 min.). This residence was funded in 1910. It was the first cultural center in Spain for artistic and scientific exchange, bringing together illustrious figures from the 20th century (Salvador Dalí, Luis Buñuel, or Federico García Lorca).